We’ve Launched! Create a Custom Map with Loqus Now

Loqus is now available to the public. You can create a custom map of your own, and invite your friends to collaborate.

If you want to give Loqus a try for yourself, create an account, and then follow the steps to create your first map. You can add images, invite friends to chat, and even filter your map pins by color based on your specific custom fields.

Map Collaboration, Everywhere

In the digital map space, you have plenty of options for the type of software you can use. Google Maps will let you search for locations, and give you access to generic content. Expensive, complicated GIS software programs will let you plot your areas and offer you project management tools. But none will let your team collaborate: sharing images, chatting, uploading files… that is, until now.

Loqus for Business Teams

The first map you create with Loqus might be a fun one to test how it works. Something like inviting your friends to a map of brunch spots or potential vacation stops. But Loqus’s function for business is where the true value comes in:

  • Plot your project locations on a map, and invite stakeholders to add their comments or feedback
  • Share a map of your locations with a field team and have them upload images from your sites, along with PDF status documents
  • Offer customers a map of locations, and access to you in a chat to answer questions and stay in touch
  • Give your sales teams a map of leads, and keep each other up to date in the chat channel

Try it Now, Free

Loqus has free tools that you can try now. Create a fun map to see how Loqus works. Or, join an existing map and click around to experience Loqus’s features. Here are some fun examples of public maps:

Have questions about Loqus, or wants us to create a map for you? Contact us — we’re happy to help.

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