How to Create a Map Using Loqus in a Few Easy Steps

Have an idea for a map using Loqus and want to give it a try? Here’s how to create a map using Loqus.

Getting Started: Create a Map

First, start by creating a new account. When you have finished creating your account, you will be taken to the “Create map” screen. Start by typing a starting country or city into the field entitled “Where is this map?” The field will autofill with popular locations, so even before you’ve spelled out the whole name, you can click it in the drop down and Loqus will zoom your map to your desired location. From there, you have a number of several options as to how to start adding locations to your map.

Invite Friends or Colleagues to the Chat

The next step in the map creation process gives you the option of inviting your friends, coworkers or clients to view the map. If you prefer, you can skip this step for now, but you may wish to add some collaborators right away, and have them start chatting and adding locations.

Click the Map to Create Pins as You Wish

Creating your first location is easy. Just right-click the map and you’ll create a new pin. You then have the option to “Add this place” which lets you give your pin a name and a description. You can repeat this process for as many locations as you like. You can even colour-code your pins, if you want to separate them into categories.

Then, you can also move the locations of the pins into the chat to reference them too if you like.

Pro Tools: Upload a List of Locations Using Excel

If adding locations manually is too much work, (paid users can) upload a list of locations in a spreadsheet and use them to populate your Loqus map.

For example, let’s say you’re a real estate agent who wants to show their clients a select number of listings on a map, but also wants to show where all of the schools and parks are, relative to those properties. You can start by manually adding the listings locations, then use spreadsheets of data from your municipality to populate the parks and schools. Give each location type its own colour so your clients can easily identify each at a glance, then invite them to the chat so you can discuss them.

Chatting About Locations on Your Map

Once your map is created and you’ve invited some people to join, you can start chatting. Tag locations or people in the chat in order to pinpoint exactly where or to whom you are referring. Loqus supports threaded conversations, so you can start a thread from anyone’s message if you want to go deep on any topic or location.

Tell Us About Your Map Ideas

We are excited to see how you put Loqus to use, and are looking forward to hearing about your map ideas. Have an idea for an epic map, and want some help putting it together? Have a questions about Loqus works, or pricing? Get in touch [ email ]

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