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Create custom maps, host files and chat. Organization and collaboration of locations, made easier

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Create Map

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Why Loqus

There is no map software on market that lets multiple user to discuss and instantaneously make changes to the map to suit their needs.

Service businesses with multiple locations will be able to use Loqus to offer customers maps with private channels. Discuss locations, share files, and establish itineraries.

Loqus can help provide context to key points of interest, and you can host content at each location on the map to add more detail and info.


Organize your information and team by creating maps of different locations or events
Download your map or map data as spreadsheets or print-outs

Easily convert addresses, landmarks or business names into places on your maps

Organize your information and team by creating maps of different locations or events

Populate your places with custom fields and use the filter feature to filter how you display them

Customize places with a selection of colors and icons for easy visualization

Get fast feedback by discussing locations in real time, right on a map

Mention users or locations in your messages to highlight important places or events

Limit your maps to the people you know with private invitations, or allow public access with public URLs

Edit your locations including title, description and fields for each place.

Add a gallery of photos at each map location to offer more detail for eac

Host files for each location, easily accessible and downloadable

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Some Ways You Can Use Loqus

Your Travel Maps

Plan trips or share the places you’ve traveled to. Invite friends to chat; share photos of your favourite spots.

Real Estate

Realtors can share listings with schools, grocery stores, and parks. Buyers can ask questions in the map channel.


Construction managers can share a map of projects with images, permit documents, and more. The team can discuss the projects in the chat.


Environmental consultants can map out their multiple sites. Instead multiple emails to the client, they can provide updates and reports on the map itself.

Sales Manager

Sales people can share travel plans with colleagues. The team can use the map to chat about meetings and access the documents for each client.

Event Planning

Event planners can research venues, create a shortlist of locations in Loqus, and upload photos and menus for the client to review and discuss.