At Loqus we understand different business and use cases require more tailored packaging. Therefore we want to make sure that whatever package you decide to use with us fit your needs. Please check out the following and request a demo today to see how we can help your business!


Create multiple maps

create as many maps to organize your places and shares

Drawing and annotation

Add points, line, area and circle on maps


Measure distance, radius and area

Filter by attributes

Custom attributes imported with the locations are automatically grouped for filtering

Visual icons and shapes

Style your places manually or by using the filter to better visualize your location data

For businesses

Geocoding locations

Convert address or other location formats into map coordinates

Add custom layers

Upload your own layers of geospatial data to create content-rich maps


Display your location data from excel or csv to map


Real-time messaging

Easy collaboration with others about locations

On-the-go maps and content

Access maps, notes and photos anytime, anywhere

Drawing and annotation

Mark down locations of interests

Location tracking

See where you are relative to other locations

Snap and upload

Take photos and upload directly from your phone


Place tagging in messages

Reference locations in messages, then click on them to display directly on map

Activity updates

See the latest map updates from users

Email notification

Tag someone in a message to notify the person by email

Manage user and permission

Manage who has access to your maps

Invite other to join

Via QR code scanning, email invitation or generate a sharable URL


Keep notes about places

Capture notes about the places you've been or will be visiti

Upload photos and files

Upload photos, videos and documents to places

Add custom attributes

Import places with extra information as attributes

Link to external data

Enter URLs in any field to link to external data sources

Export map and data

Download the map as image or as CSV file

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