Whenever you are part of an event or a project that involves multiple locations, Loqus allows you to easily communicate and share with others, such as your clients, coworkers or friends and family. You can do all of this right on a map and reference each location as you go.

Currently the free plan lets you create maps and chat about places. In many cases, business users may need to attach notes, files or photos to these places so others can access them easily. With Loqus PRO plan is designed to let you add places faster, organize documents better, and promote your own brand while you share maps with others.

As a Pro user, the people you invited can access your maps free. This means that business users can offer the convenience of Loqus to their customers at no extra charge.

Yes. Just as you can import a list of locations to populate a map in Loqus, you can export a map to a spreadsheet as well.

In the same way that you can “tag” a person in the chat, you can also tag a location. Then, by clicking the location in the chat, the pin on the map will highlight. It’s an easy way to reference the place you are talking about with others, without having to type addresses or even place names.

Yes, you can generate a publicly accessible URL for each map. Anyone who wants to join the chat will need a free account with Loqus.
You can create as many maps as you need! Create maps for specific groups of places or people to keep things organized.

The maximum number of places you can add to each map is 250.  However if you need to add more please contact us.

We are constantly releasing updates and the ability to add aerial photos, satellite imagery or other vector or raster files on our roadmap.

Currently lat-lon coordinates, point of interests, addresses are supported globally. National Topographic System (NTS), Legal Subdivision (LSD) and Unique Well ID (UWI) are supported in Canada.
Mobile app is one of the top asks from our user community, and it’s currently under development. With the mobile app you will be able to chat about places and capture contents while on the road.


have questions? send them to feedback@loqus.io and we would be happy to help.