3 Ways to Use Loqus Custom Map Creator

We created Loqus to help solve a problem that we have experienced in our personal and business lives. Recently two members of our founding team experienced a similar version of the same problem, in two different countries. A custom map creator like Loqus would have been the ideal solution to the challenge.

We’ve all experienced it before: a group of friends or family, all discussing travel or even lunch plans, and jumping back and forth between a map and a chat app. In the case of our CEO, on a recent family trip to Japan, he was delighted to learn that even his Grandmother was proficient with the messaging tool Whatsapp. This helped solve half of the group’s problem, that of staying in touch with one another, but it didn’t help with wayfinding in the city the way a map could. Finding a restaurant that could accommodate a group of eight in a city like Tokyo was no easy feat, and the ability to reference points on a map would have been a big help.

It’s not only for this reason that we think Loqus will be a useful tool for free users and business users alike. To help demonstrate how you can put Loqus to use as a custom map creator, read on to learn some of the ways it can help.

Using Loqus to Plan Your Travel Day

Let’s say you have a group of friends who all want to meet for lunch at a convenient place in the city. You can Google search for the address of locations of your favorite tourist spots or eateries to share with friends, and send them links, reviews and more. When these shares or your group reach a certain critical mass, however, it’s hard to keep track of where these locations are. And you are left constantly task-switching between apps in order to find resources and stay in touch.

With Loqus, you can add pins to a map and invite your friends to a private chat channel on that map. There, you can discuss the merits of each location, never leaving the context of where they are located. Additionally, each member can add a pin marking where they are; where they have to travel from. Suddenly, it becomes much easier to agree on a mutually convenient location, and the conversation can continue beyond the lunch meeting. The channel can continue to be a “water cooler” for the next time you need to choose a new meeting place.

The Ultimate Pub Crawl Custom Map Creator?

Picture it: a group of friends wants to hit every hot spot in town, making for a night that will be remembered for all time. You file into three cabs and head out, but after the second stop the group is split up, no one knows where the next stop is, or what the plan was, to begin with.

Loqus to the rescue. Mark all of your stops with a pin on the map, and use the chat channel to keep everyone up to speed; even those stragglers who always seem to be missing when it’s time to move to the next spot.

Business Uses for Loqus

Naturally, Loqus can do a lot more than simply plan a lunch or a pub crawl. The business uses of  Loqus are many.

Consider a boutique hotel’s concierge service offering options for famous landmarks in a city, or good shopping destinations. They can also avail themselves in the chat channel for any questions that come up during the day. A home buyer’s real estate agent can send his clients a map of the places they will view over the weekend. A travel agent can highlight a number of eateries or car rental shops, and stay in touch via chat. A conference can offer its attendees a running commentary of events happening near their hotel on conference weekend. A sales manager assigns several stops to his sale reps and asks for updates throughout the day in the chat.

The usefulness of Loqus is easy to explain and imagine, and we are discovering new examples every day. But we’d like to hear from you. Let us know what features you would find most useful, and in what ways you would use Loqus to make your travel or wayfinding easier.

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